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Hurricane Damage?

Years have gone by and some of our residents are still living with the devastating effects of Super storm Sandy. Are you still in the beginning stages of restoring your home, or stranded mid construction? Please contact us. We will get you back into the comfort of your home in a cost effective, professional and expedient fashion.


Life after Sandy: Preparing for the Big Storm.

McCarthy Contracting knows all too well the needs of the homeowners that keep permanent and summer residences safe.

Mike and his crew are great to know before a storm arrives.  He is the first to suggest plans for “buttoning up things” before the storm arrives.  Winterizing and other services are also available.  Reach out Early for a variety of pre and post storm services.  Add Mikes, pre and post Movie pre and post review

McCarthy Storm Service -  The worst thing that people who live along coastlines can do is not to prepare for tropical storms and hurricanes. ... Call McCarthy Contracting

Home inspection and recommendations

  1. Storm-guard your home
  2. Buy or make window covers or storm shutters
  3. Protect attached structures
  4. Test sump pumps and rain gutters and drains
  5. Look at trees and shrubs near the home

Here is a link to help you prepare for the big storms.


Oceanfront Home Rebuild

Pool, Deck, Fence, & Shower Enclosure

Raising of a Home/Remodel & Repairs

Roof, Window, Doors, Siding, Insulation, Plumbing, Masonry

Bathroom Renovations